Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier 12 Review

“Shoes don’t make the man, they make a statement”. Could this be any more accurate? Your fashion statement is incomplete without a perfect pair of shoes. And with the right footwear, you can rule the world. Be it for a quintessential look, fashion mojo or professional purpose. Like clothes, shoes also have different categories that serve a different purpose. Some satiate the cravings of a corporate fellow whilst some are for athletes/joggers. Some prefer the style and look while purchasing shoes, some look for comfort.

However, if you are an athlete or a jogger who needs a flexible and long-lasting yet stylish pair of shoes, sneakers are the common answer. Nike has been manufacturing sports footwear along with other sports apparels for decades. Any sports lover who is looking for a good pair of sneakers would turn to Nike since they have a wide range of sports equipment including shoes to quench your thirst for fashion and comfort.

Lebron Soldier 12 Review

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In 2003, Nike came up with Lebron James signature shoe which has been endorsed the famous American professional basketball player Lebron James. It has been a flagship shoe of Nike Basketball ever since. In this article, we will talk about Lebron 12 basketball shoe: one of the best shoe of this Lebron series. Let’s dive into the Lebron Soldier 12 Review.


The 12th edition of Lebron Soldier basketball show is mainly a throwback. It is more like an amalgamation of the best elements of all the previous Lebrons. This edition features Foamposite, Hyperfuse, Engineered Mesh, Flywire and Zoom Air which make the greatest Lebron ever.

Here are the main key features of the Lebron Soldier XII basketball shoe

  • WEIGHT: 411 g. / 14.49 oz
  • COLORWAYS: 10+

Other features of Lebron Soldier XII basketball shoe

Cushion: Lebron Soldier 12 has a regular bottom-loaded forefoot & heel Zoom Air set-up within the Phylon carrier. While this loaded forefoot is not much different from its predecessors, the zoom air cushioning in this one does wonder. It makes the shoe low profile but highly responsive. The air is divided into individual pods which are placed in key areas which helps reduce stress and add a copious amount of responsiveness to each step. It also helps the players move with every direction the foot goes, unlike earlier editions where zoom air was large but thin and didn’t allow the players to move with ease. And the forefoot section, though pretty much the same, offers somehow more energy in the step without taking away the court feel.

Materials: For the material of Lebron Soldier 12, Battleknit Upper has been used which results in this edition being more comfortable. Black mesh covers the majority of the upper part while woodland camouflage overlays are used on the toe and heel. It’s available in canvas material, suede leather, patent leather, shiny leather or synthetic leather.

Traction: The traction in this 12 iteration uses “racetrack herringbone” for traction which is magnificent and works very well even if the floor is dusty. They followed the maze traction pattern in this edition. The furrows are spacious enough and have channels both side which allow the dust to fall off.

Fit: Since Lebron James shoes come with a strap rather than typical pace system, it indubitably the most fitting shoe ever. It has two overlapping straps for lockdown and also Velcro strip on its heel to make it super steady. On top of that, the stretchable mesh sock is another addition which ensures flexibility in terms of movement and provides ample support. The strap system in the 12th edition has been updated and made in a way that it offers more stability than before.

Sole system: Lebron Soldier 12’s midsole design is somewhat similar to the previous shoes. The midsole looks like the 9th edition while outsole looks kind of 11th edition. Nevertheless, it offers excellent support.

Target Group: Since the dawn of its release, which goes way back in 2003, Lebron Soldier shoes have always been the first choice of sports lovers around the world, especially basketball players. Their idol Lebron James is the brand ambassador of the shoe might be one of the reasons but what athletes find attractive about this shoe is its multiple features. Best quality materials, zoom air system, different color combinations, strap system, engineered upper part are pretty much the reasons which have made this footwear a big hit among the young sport-loving generation. Although their target audience has always been Basketball players, they might expand their target audience.


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The Main Benefit

Athletes. joggers and basketball players go for Lebron James Soldier shoes because of its tempting qualities. The key features which earned this product worldwide popularity have already been shed light on. This growing popularity stems from multifaceted benefits the product offers. The newest addition of Nike Lebron Soldier 12 comes with benefits that may lead to its popularity. Those benefits are the following:

Containment and Strength: The top-notch combination of cushioning exerts containment and strength which is a must quality for sports shoes. The straps are also a source of containment.

Comfort and flexibility: Battleknit upper part is comfortable and easy. The strap system is undoubtedly very flexible since players don’t need to struggle with shoe-lace getting undone every now and then. Zoom air system makes the movement easier and faster.

Smooth traction: Traction is smooth enough to help you survive on the dusty court.

Light as a feather: This edition is comparatively lighter than the previous ones, which makes it easier for the athletes.

Superb color combination: The colorways of this footwear is outstandingly attractive. It’s available in more than 10 colors. They also merge different colors to create a gorgeous combination.

No more foot slippage: It’s no scarier even when the court is slippery. Cause the heel counter and midsole system prevents the foot slippage.

Regular shoe: With easy and flexible features, it can easily replace your regular jogging/sports shoe.
Hands down the most stylish shoe: The amalgamations of previous and recent features, appealing colors make it the most stylish sports shoe. You can wear cool shoes even when you are not hammering in court.

The Pros and Cons

Before you fill your closet with this baby, you need to ponder over the pros and cons of this 12th edition of Lebron Soldier shoe has. Albeit it has both, the pros definitely outnumber the cons.


  • Comfort: Engineered upper part offers breathability. The toe cap overlay is very soft and spongy which ensures comfort.
  • Good support: Strap system is there to support along with great lockdown. That confirms good grip and great ankle support.
  • Colorway: Available in various colors which amp up the style and charisma.
  • Perfect balance: Balance of cushion and stability is spot on.
  • Pliable rubber: Rubbers are pliable enough to help move your feet to any direction you want.
  • Unique traction: Very unique “racetrack herringbone” traction is used which works like a magic on the dusty court.
  • No possibility of slippage or lateral movement: Unique sticky traction rules out the possibility of slippage or lateral movement.
  • Fits quite good: Fits pretty well yet ensures enough space in the forefoot.
  • True to size: Perfectly true to size.
  • Versatile: You can use them for other sports or when you are jogging. Versatility at its best.
  • No lace no hassle: Strap system allows people with cerebral palsy to wear these shoes with ease. No more shoelace nuisance.
  • Super adjustable: Landing pad on the Velcro on the backside helps adjust the tightness.
  • Durable: Due to the best quality materials and sticky traction, these shoes last longer than you expect.


  • Straps get undone easily: Straps sometimes come off easily which might result in strapping multiple times.
  • Velcro creates fuss sometimes: Velcro might get loose sometimes which might cause the shoe to come off.
  • Dead feeling in the forefoot section: Rooms in the forefoot section might not be enough for some people which results in dead and numb feeling on the feet.
  • Narrow middle section: Middle section doesn’t have ample space. This creates discomfort sometimes while trying to move the foot in a different direction.
  • The bottom-loaded heel is a fuss: Bottom loaded heels of this 12th edition sometimes impede the movement of the players.
  • Limits outdoor use: As a result of its outsole rubber being too soft and mushy, it might not a wise decision to use it too much for outdoor activities.

These are some pros and cons you need to know before you bag up the latest edition of Lebron Soldier shoe. Like every usual product, it has its drawbacks, but with oodles of benefits, it definitely tops some of the recent sports shoes that have been booming in the market.

Lebron Soldier 12 Review: User’s Opinion

People are already flocking out there to get their hands on the latest edition of Nike Lebron Soldier XiII shoe. Since 2003, when Lebron James shoes were first introduced,

people have been going gaga over it. To meet the cravings of millions of sports lovers around the world Nike has been coming up with different iteration of Lebron Soldier shoe every year. Over the past few years with each edition, the number of Lebron Soldier shoe users has soared up. However, they put forth barrage of reviews on each edition expressing their satisfaction/dissatisfaction with the product. There was no exception in case of 12th edition. Some reviews are oozing with admiration while some are harsh and exude negative aspects of the product.

Positive reviews

  • Some users said the material is so smooth and comfortable, it felt like a breeze when they wore the shoe.
  • Many users termed it as their “go-to” basketball shoe because of its amazing grip and ankle support.
  • Some said the rubbers are so pliable that it works on pretty much every surface, even with minimal wiping.
  • Many wearers claimed that synthetic leather feels very premium.
  • According to most users of Soldier 12, it gives a very nice lockdown. No heel slippage or lateral movement.
  • A lot of the users called it “phenomenal” because of memory foam/gel cushions at the ankle and the toes and the sides.
  • According to a lot of users, toe cap overlay is soft enough to make you feel you are wearing nothing at all.
  • Some said that it fits like glove and requires minimum break-in.
  • Many users termed the traction pattern “racetrack herringbone” since it performs superbly even on the dusty floor.
  • Some praised the shoe saying it has hard rubber, deep grooves.
  • According to some shoe lovers, this one is damn solid.
  • Many wearers claimed this is the most refined version of Lebron Soldier shoes because of the eye-catching look and style.
  • Some sportsmen gave it a big thumbs-up saying that midfoot section offers outstanding support and comfort.
  • Some users got this for their kids and claimed their kids loved the product since it is flashy.
  • A handful of owners of Lebron Soldier 12 claimed these shoes are so comfortable as if they give your feet a hug.
  • Many testers said it works excellent even on a hardwood court.
  • Some people are calling it “dope” because of its versatility.
  • According to many people, it’s one of the coolest sneakers because of its aesthetic colorways.
  • A few wearers asserted this is the best basketball shoe they have ever bought since 2008.
  • Some rated it 5 stars saying it’s well-built and sturdy.
  • The lightness and flexibility of the shoe are praised many users.

Negative reviews

  • Few users have been saying that the bottom-loaded heel and forefoot zoom don’t leave court feel.
  • Some people complained that the straps don’t hold up and come off frequently.
  • Some noticed that the straps literally snap if they are tightened.
  • Many users are sulking over the fact of the Velcro being clumsy. They said it doesn’t work from time to time. One of the users told that his son’s shoe fell off in the middle of a game.
  • Some complaints have been made saying the straps are too short.
  • Users who have comparatively wider foot warned that this shoe might me too narrow and discomforting. It may even hurt the foot.
  • Some didn’t recommend this as outdoor shoe because of the ultra-soft outsole.
  • Some observed this shoe doesn’t have proper ventilation system due to the mesh, which causes suffocation.
  • Some of the owners claimed it lacks stability due to not having a proper amount of outrigger.
  • A couple of users faced difficulty while running in this shoe.

Verdict About Lebron Soldier 12 Review

To sum it up, We think this edition of Lebron James Soldier Basketball shoe is a good call if you are a sports freak and shoe fanatic at the same time. As much as it has its usual downsides, if we brush aside them it’s one of the best footwear out there.

Not to mention, if we delve into the history of Lebron Soldier shoes it has come a long away with more exceptional yet appealing features and currently is being sold at a staggering rate. Even women and kids who happen to be a sports freak are choosing this over other sports shoes. Sites that sell the product are flooding with so many good reviews which pretty much cloak up the handful of negative reviews. Even the mighty Lebron James himself lauded the shoe because of its multifaceted features.

Ergo, We recommend this shoe for you if you are a die-hard sports freak or even a casual jogger. Don’t think too much about the very few issues it has like straps coming undone or the Velcro being lumbering. Because these are all fixable and apart from these problems, this Lebron Soldier XII works fine. It’s an all-around performer with a super stylish and polished look, great affordability and durability. Their packaging system is also very attractive which is a cherry on the top. What more do you need for your shoes to give you the utmost satisfaction? Ain’t this the shoe you were looking forward to purchasing for your next run? So make haste! Go grab a pair for you and your loved ones before they are all sold out.

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