Lebron Soldier 11 Reviews: The Shoe You Need

It would be a bizarre story if a basketball enthusiast claims he never wished to put on Lebron James Soldier sneaker at least once in his lifetime. Famous American Basketball Player Labron James has always been an inspiration for all sports lover out there ever since he got featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated as High School Basketball Phenom. His shoe deal with Nike is said to be worth more than a billion dollars.

On May 31st, 2017, the eleventh edition of Nike Lebron Soldier Shoes hit the market to blow away the minds of millions of sports lovers out there. In this article, we will discuss Nike Lebron Soldier 11, one of the most popular basketball shoes in the market. Let’s dive in into the Lebron Soldier 11 Reviews.



This authentic shoe combines ventilated mesh, four large Velcro straps, zoom air cushioning and laceless pattern. It is available in various colors to dazzle you. Indubitably it’s better than most of its previous versions and helps you outshine your opponent on the court with style. It excels in every category and gives you the confidence like your cherished star Lebron James. This is the shoe you exactly need to assert your dominance on the court.

Lebron Soldier series has always been commendable in terms of delivering the best quality. The reason why people are too much fond of their shoes is the unmatchable features they add. To make sure you set the court on fire with your excellence and style, Nike has implemented all the features you need. From material to traction, everything is top-notch. While the stretchy mesh ensures breathability for your feet, four elastic straps with hook and loop give you customize fit and keep your ankle secured and safe.

The main attraction, however, is its zoom air technology in the heel section which is super responsive and protects you from impact. So you can bid goodbye to any kind of injury during the game. The forefoot section has enough room; therefore it’s super comfortable and gives you a soft landing.

It fits perfectly and supports your feet from every aspect. The insole of this edition is plushy and the laceless design is out of the box. The traction, however, tends to drag a bit on dusty court nevertheless performs well. Overall this shoe is a game-changer and drives you to play with more efficiency than you ever imagine. The design and color are mind-blowing and gives you the court feel.

However, the next year, Nike has introduced the updated version of  Nike Lebron Soldier 11 named Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier 12. We also reviewed this amazing shoe on our website. Check it out if you are interested.

Target Group

Lebron James has been a huge inspiration for many for several years; naturally, people of any age would do anything to get their hands on his endorsed footwear. However, it is most popular among the adults; more precisely regular athletes prefer this due to its superb quality. It has also drawn the attention of teenage people because of the sheer comfort and stability it has. Nike has also introduced this edition for girls with more vibrant and feminine colors.

The Main Benefits

One must go over the main benefits of a product they are opting for. When it comes to basketball sneakers, you have to pay more attention because your performance on the court largely depends on your shoe. Nike Lebron Soldier 11 model introduced some special benefits to help you chalk up the ultimate victory.

  • The mesh upper keeps your feet super comfortable and sweat-free. It doesn’t feel heavy unlike some of the previous Lebron Soldier models. It also helps with the airflow.
  • The zoom air cushioning pattern is very responsive and lightweight. It feels soft yet smooth on your feet and gives you great impact protection. As a result, you can avoid ankle tweaking or toe dragging.
  • It comes with a rubber sole with multifaceted traction which needs a very little wiping on the dusty court. It helps you move with ease without the possibility of slippage.
  • The adjustable elastic straps are what you exactly need to keep your feet secure. It fits perfect and offers ample support for your ankle.
  • The insole and extra padding inside provide extra comfort.
  • The laceless pattern is unique and timesaver. You don’t have to bend over and over again to tie up the lace.
  • The versatility of this shoe is unparalleled. You can use it for any exercise or game other than basketball, for example, balling, cycling, hiking and also for workouts.
  • The shoe is also famous for its aesthetic style and color. It has even outdone its preceding models in terms of style.


Real Details

Given it is the Lebron James signature footwear, the price is comparatively higher than most of the sneakers available in the market. Since its release in May 2017, the price has remained pretty much the same. However, according to most of the consumers, the price is quite reasonable considering the outstanding quality of the shoe. Speaking of availability, you can buy this from any Nike signature store. But to avail them more conveniently, you can browse through the huge collection of Amazon and eBay. Amazon is a better option since the service is prompt. You can get your product delivered within 2 days in most cases. The shoes arrive in attractive boxes which is a plus.

The Pros and Cons

Any product or service must have some pros and cons. Before the purchase, you need to consider the good side and downside of the product for your own convenience. Nike has always been famous in terms of delivering products of supreme qualities. Their Lebron Soldier Shoe line is a dream for an avid basketball player. And their eleventh model tops it all. Nevertheless, it has some perceptible drawbacks you need to know before getting it for your closet.


  • Mesh upper guarantees comfort and breathability.
  • Good cushioning. Light and responsive.
  • Full ankle support.
  • True to size.
  • Versatile and stable. Perfect for casual wear.
  • Good ventilation.
  • Protects you from impact. Safety guaranteed.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Laceless design. Very easy to wear and take off.
  • Good lockdown. Gives you a sock-like fit.
  • Doesn’t take much time to break-in.
  • Smooth traction performs very well on the dusty court.
  • Stable base. Improves your balance.
  • Extra padding keeps your feet soft.
  • Ignites your confidence.
  • Make you look stylish on the court.


  • Not quite durable, swoosh starts to peel off after a couple of use.
  • Color might wear off.
  • Runs wider than the size mentioned. Not a good go for the small footer.
  • Feels a little bulky.
  • Outsole tends to slip sporadically.
  • Ankle strap doesn’t provide enough support.
  • Feels a little stiff.

Lebron Soldier 11 Reviews: User’s Opinion

It is imperative to check out any product’s review before you purchase, especially a product that is hyped up. And when it comes to basketball shoe it’s not mere footwear; but a part of your attire that dictates your performance. Even though Nike Lebron Soldier series hardly disappoints its users, nevertheless there have always been some issues with almost each of its edition. Same goes for the eleventh edition. There are numerous reviews about Lebron Soldier 11; both positive and negative.

Positive Reviews

  • Most of the users are extremely satisfied with how comfortable these shoes are. Some said it would make you feel like you are playing basketball on a cloud.
  • The zoom technology is praised many because of its responsiveness. Users confirmed it provides ample impact protection.
  • Consumers said it is a solid pair of shoes and it has improved their performance on the court.
  • Several users liked it amazing traction pattern. They claimed it is suitable for every position on the floor and needs minimal wiping.
  • Some users revealed that it provides tons of support and lockdown.
  • Many wearers said that mesh in the upper offers ample airflow.
  • A lot of users said it’s true to size.
  • People loved the insole of the shoe model because it’s super comfy.
  • Many purchasers are thrilled with the laceless design of Nike Lebron Soldier 11. They said it’s easy to wear and take off.
  • Many buyers found the price quite reasonable given the amazing features of the shoe.
  • Some testers said it’s the most versatile shoe they have used so far. Many are using these for other sports and exercise.
  • Users recommended this because it needs a very brief break-in period.
  • Some buyers said the forefoot section is amazingly comfortable.
  • A good number of users said the flat outsole and double outrigger of the shoe are super stable and supportive.
  • Reviewers loved the extra padding. They said it provides extra comfort and warmth.
  • A lot of users said that the four Velcro strap gives them extra confidence.
  • Many wearers praised this model because of the stylish look. They said it looks phenomenal.


Negative Reviews

  • Some users said that the swoosh on the shoe wears off after a few uses.
  • A couple of users said that the shoe runs wide.
  • Many users complained that the outsole causes toe dragging.
  • Some criticized the shoe because it’s not breathable enough.
  • Few testers claimed it doesn’t provide enough ankle support.

Conclusion About Lebron Soldier 11 Reviews

The bottom line is Nike Lebron Solider 11 is one of the most impeccable basketball sneakers catering millions of sports enthusiast currently. Some of its features even beat its previous version in terms of quality. Aside from a few drawbacks, this shoe is a wonder because it gives you buttery smooth movement on the court and guarantees you outstanding performance. The versatility of the shoe is praiseworthy. The look is also catchy enough to make you look stylish on the court. So it’s definitely worth your money.

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