Goalrilla GS54 In Ground Basketball Hoop Review

Can you think of a more fun way to de-stress and blow off some steam than shooting some hoop around on your backyard or driveway? You got it right! Basketball could be your source of immense pleasure, recreation and fun while it helps you strengthen your muscles and replenish your body. All glory to the invention of in ground basketball hoop, you don’t have to join clubs or rush to court anymore to enjoy a nice round of basketball. You can do it at your backyard and your family members can join this fun time as well. But you cannot just buy yourself a set on impulse because in ground basketball hoops are supposed to withstand severe weather and survive for years. So you have to opt for the most solid one and here’s Goalrilla GS54 to your rescue. Prepare yourself to be dazzled the impeccable performance of this super durable in ground hoop. This has everything a perfect in ground basketball set is supposed to have to help you enjoy your game with utmost fun and ease. So let’s dive into the detailed scrutiny of the Goalrilla GS54 in-ground basketball system to find out how it can spice up your game.

Goalrilla GS54: The Features

Well, we know in-ground hoops are less expensive than portable hoops. The Goalrilla GS54 might as well be the most budget-friendly hoop in the Goarilla lineup with rather exclusive features. Get ready to experience some unparalleled playability with this in-ground basketball hoop which is exceptionally durable and downright supportive as well.

This in-ground hoop features a Clearview 54″ x 34″ backboard with 3/8″ thick tempered glass that would give you the vibe of an arena-style goal and offer ample amount of support.

Not only that, the 2.5 feel extended backboard gives you the ultimate rebounding experience of gym-style play. It comes with weather-resistant hardware, welded construction and adequate powder coating that ensure supreme quality.


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Another amazing thing about this tempered glass is it doesn’t get hazy over time and never loses its curb appeal. This glass backboard is paired with medium weight pro-style flex rim which is perfect for a slam-dunk. It also protects the backboard from damage. If a player dangles from the rim, it flexes and takes away the unwanted pressure from the anchor system of the hoop.

This in-ground system comes with a 5”x5” one-piece 11 gauge steel pole, almost 2 inches larger in diameters than other basketball hoops, which is great for dunking and aggressive play whereas multi-section poles and 2 pieces poles tend to become more fragile over time and cannot survive hostile play. One-piece pole of this in-ground hoop is thick and strong and won’t need to be replaced over time since it is able to withstand all kinds of dunk and hostility. And if you are worried about the pole catching rust after a few times, don’t sweat over it.

This solid steel pole is coated with DuPont powder which is basically rust-resistant and helps the pole last for years. The easy-adjust actuator is another superb feature in the GS54 in ground hoop system that lets you adjust the goal from 7.5’ to 10’ simply turning the handle.


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It includes a height indicator that would show you the height of the goal. As a result, you will always know which height you are playing at. This adjusting mechanism comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The list of good features in this basketball hoop is endless because it comes with an independent anchor system which lets you relocate your hoop if you ever decide to move. It’s quite easy to unfasten the hoop from the plate and move; you can do it all yourself. Each J bolt of the anchor system has 10,000 lbs of tensile strength which ensures stability and gives you a rock-solid play.

The GS54 also offers rebar rods with an anchor system to provide extra strength to the overall built. It also boasts a standard poll pad which is great for safety and also gives a stylish look to the hoop. Unlike other in ground hoop systems, GS54 is super easy to put together. It comes with an owner’s manual which includes detail information and a step-by-step procedure regarding how to install the hoop and also some discretion to follow while assembling it. To make it easier, they have added a diagram to the manual to give you a more detailed picture.

Target Group

Although basketball can be enjoyed everyone including both adults and kids at any place. However, in-ground basketball hoops are mostly made for people who would like to play a friendly match at their backyard or driveway. Goalrilla GS54 in-ground basketball set is most popular among adults and teenagers who like to shoot some hoop when they are home on a Sunday afternoon. When it comes to a professional basketball game, it’s not an apt thing to buy.

The Main Benefit

You ought to look for the benefits of a product you are going to spend your money on. And when it comes to sports equipment, it all boils down to the benefit and purpose of that particular product.

Goalrilla GS54 in-ground basketball set is phenomenal from all aspects and worth spending your precious money. Nonetheless, you need to know how it is going to help you score.

  • This in-ground hoop set would provide you all the support you need in a game, that too for a reasonable price.
  • The height adjustment actuator lets you adjust the height according to your preference. Hence people of any height and even kids can enjoy this.
  • You can enjoy the gym-style games at home with the Clearview tempered glass backboard giving you rebounding experience.
  • The pro-style flex rim would let you shoot slam-dunk as many as you want without letting the backboard get damaged. The flexing takes away the extra load from the anchor system.
  • The one-piece pole adds depth to the support and provides maximum sturdiness. It also helps prevent rust and makes the hoop extremely durable. It’s great for aggressive play and spruce up your performance holding onto the tempered glass backboard.
  • The independent anchor system gives you the facility of unbolting the hoop and carrying it wherever you want. Not to mention the extra stability of the hoop comes from it.
  • The rebar steel rods along with the anchor system provides firmness to the construction of the hoop.
  • The standard pad pole is there for safety. It also gives the set a great look.
  • Goalrilla GS54 in-ground hoop features the owner’s manual which contains clear and easy instruction with an extensive diagram that helps you assemble the hoop without the help of an expert and you can get the set ready for your match without any hassle.

Goalrilla might have started their journey way back in the 90s, their price range has always been reasonable and within the reach of people with limited income. GS54 is one of their many versions with multiple impeccable features and super suitable for all kinds of play, its price is much reasonable than most other in-ground basketball hoops out there.

The Pros and Cons

The pros and cons section is an inevitable part of a product you are thinking of purchasing. This list helps you know how you are going to be benefitted the product and also gives you some heads-up about the product’s drawback. Goalrilla GS54 also comes with certain pros and cons you need to peruse before you go for it.


  • Super solid and sturdy.
  • Ample support.
  • Height adjustment facility.
  • Clearview 3/ 8” thick tempered glass backboard gives arena vibe and adds depth to the stability.
  • Extremely durable; can withstand severe weather conditions.
  • UV and corrosion-resistant zinc hardware.
  • Welded construction.
  • The one-piece pole provides maximum support; good for hostile play.
  • DUPONT® tough powder coating
  • Pro-style flex rim is great for a slam-dunk.
  • Gym-style play guaranteed.
  • Easy to unbolt, portable.
  • Amazing look.
  • Super easy to put together, comes with proper instruction.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Kids’ favorite.
  • Rebar steel rods for additional strength.
  • Super safe.
  • Affordable, amazing bang for the bucks.
  • Rock-solid play guaranteed.
  • Easy to use.
  • Versatile.


  • Feels a bit heavy.
  • Tends to vibrate.
  • The hole of the concrete base is shallow.
  • Paint quality is not up to the mark.
  • Not apt for a full basketball court.

Users’ Opinions

Just like the pros and cons part of any product, its users’ opinions also very much matter when it comes to finding out that product’s advantages and drawbacks. Goalrilla GS54 is a game-changer and there is no doubt about that, nevertheless, you need to thoroughly check its users’ review hence it contains more honest pictures and helps you understand the positivity and negativity of the product. We have categorized these users’ reviews into 2 sections: Positive reviews and Negative reviews.

Positive Reviews Of Goalrilla GS54

  • A lot of customers loved the solid built of the hoop. They said it provides plenty of support during the game.
  • Users appreciated the durability of the hoop system. They stated that the corrosion-resistant hardware makes the hoop last long.
  • Several users like the Clearview thick tempered glass blackboard. They confirmed that the backboard doesn’t get hazy or dirty over time.
  • Many reviewers said the pro-style flex rim is quite helpful when it comes to slam-dunk. They also liked how it protects the backboard from getting damaged.
  • A lot of testers praised the 5”x5” one-piece steel pole because of the support and flexibility it offers. They were also pleased with the Dupont powder coating system.
  • Many users like the fact that the hoop is easily portable.
  • Some consumers said it is super easy to install the product.
  • Customers confirmed that this basketball system is totally worth the money.
  • A few testers stated that this in-ground hoop offers gym style play at home.
  • A couple of users loved the feature of rebar steel rods and stand pole pad.
  • Various users loved the stylish look of Goalrilla GS54. They claimed that it enhanced their performance.

Negative Reviews Of Goalrilla GS54

  • Some users found the installation process hard. They said the instruction is a little vague for them.
  • Many reviewers said that the hoop is a little wobbly and shaky.
  • A few reviewers claimed that paint of the hoop peeled off after some time.
  • Some said it didn’t fit perfectly at their driveway.

Final Verdict Of Goalrilla GS54 Review

You cannot expect 100% perfection from any product. Goalrilla GS54 is outstanding as a in ground basketball hoop but sure not perfect. Still, it makes sure to provide you all the features you need to enjoy your basketball. It’s sturdy, durable and perfect for your driveway or small court. It also super suitable for aggressive play or slam dunk and most importantly it’s budget-friendly.


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Overall it’s a long-lasting basketball hoop with endless good features that you can get for a very moderate price. So to shoot some basket at home with your family, grab this in-ground hoop with a lifetime warranty. You can get it online or offline, the choice is yours!

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