Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes: The Review

Have you ever tried running really fast in a shopping mall? If you have, you probably know how risky it can get. One moment you are on your feet and the next you are on your butt.

You slipped. Have you ever wondered how the basketball players in indoor basketball courts manage to stay on their feet throughout the whole game? They have to jump and run all while keeping the focus on the ball and the players.
The biggest contributor to this situation is the shoes they wear. Apparently, the shoes are made in a way so that they do not slip. However, there is no risk of slipping when playing basketball outdoors. But, you will notice that normal basketball shoes wear out faster when you play basketball outdoors.

This is where outdoor basketball shoes enter the scenario. Apparently, they are almost the same as indoor ones but are made to handle more and also provide more cushion. This is because the rough and hard ground puts it through more than the indoor soft grounds.

When it comes to basketball, your performance depends a lot on your feet and your feet will never be at its best with the wrong shoes on. Therefore, it is necessary that you find the best outdoor basketball shoes for yourself to excel at your game. The buying guide is here to help you find out what you need to check and the reviews will tell you about the best.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes: The Reviews

Nike Lebron Soldier XI Men’s Basketball Shoes

Do not want the risk of laces making you fall when playing? What about a pair of shoes that do not need laces? The Nike Lebron Soldier XI shoes are such a pair of shoes designed with no laces but elastic straps.

Apart from that, these shoes are famous for another reason- the support they provide to your legs. One day you will get old and all the rough spots will take a toll on you. But, the intensity sure will be lower if you wear shoes that support your ankle and all other parts of your feet that need support well.


Furthermore, it has extra padding inside which makes the journey with it comfortable as well. As you already know it is easy to deal with since there are no laces involved. However, you may find it a bit difficult to put in as the ankle area is rather tight.

Once that part of your feet is through, others will get in the shoes easily. Also, be careful when you choose the size and color. There are instances where the color was not the same as ordered.

These shoes are well-ventilated as well. So, you can easily kiss sweat, heat and odor goodbye. The synthetic sole takes on the rough ground really well.

You have a wide range of colors to choose from as well. So, you can choose one that perfectly fits your personality. When it comes to price, these shoes offer great value. They are neither cheaply made nor expensive.


  • Well made shoes with clever design.
  •  Good breathability.
  • Supports the feet really well.
  • Easy to put on.
  • No laces to deal with.
  • Durable sole.
  • Variety of colors available.
  • Good value for money.


  • The entrance of the shoe may feel a bit tight.
  • Color may not match what you choose online.

Also, Nike has been developed an upgrade version of  Lebron Soldier XI Men’s Basketball Shoes which name is Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier 12. We have a complete review of Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier 12

Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

We are talking about sports shoes and Adidas will not be mentioned? That is quite unreal. The Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation basketball shoes are one of the great choices for playing basketball outdoors. It’s a specialty? Providing so much comfort that you do not expect your feet to feel so comfortable.


As you can tell the name that these shoes are made with cloudfoam in it. This material gives the shoes a bit of a bounce and makes them soft as well. So, your feet will enjoy a lot of soft padding when you play and this will reduce the impact of the hard ground on your body.

However, the softness may reduce with time due to the impact on the cloudfoam. Other than that, the shoe has a rubber sole which is not the most durable. You may notice the rubber coming off way too soon. The sole has grips under it so you won’t ever slip.

The upper part of the leather is mentioned to be made of leather but it sure does not look like it. Apart from that, it has laces that are not of the best quality. Although these shoes offer great value for money when you buy them, you have to be very careful when deciding the size.

Apparently, for some these shoe were too narrow and for some, these were too loose. Both of these occurrences can be detrimental to your game. Also, the shoes are not very durable or weather-resistant.
But, that does not make much of a difference as they serve their price. You can use them long enough to get your money’s worth and buy another easily when it does not last.


  • Well-cushioned and very comfortable to wear.
  • Nice design and shape.
  • Rubber sole that is good for outdoors.
  • Provides good value for money.
  • Brand reputation.
  • Supports the feet well.
  • Good grip.


  • Not weather resistant.
  • May not last as the rubber sole comes off.
  • Laces are not the best.

Nike Mens Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG NRG HTH

When you are open to spending loads of money on something you love, you want it to be worth your love. And, Nike Men’s Air Jordan 1 is something that is worth your love despite the high price. You can expect nothing less from a brand like Nike and you can keep your expectations about quality high as well.


The first thing that will catch your eyes is the stunning looks of the shoe. Sure it is just a shoe and how good can it look? Let me tell you how good- you may wear any random clothes with it and the shoe alone will make you look good for a party.

The red, black and white together bring out the best in this shoe. Furthermore, it is made from synthetic materials and is quite durable. Its strong and clever build protects it well from the hard ground as well.

You can rest assured that the money you are spending is going to give you relief from buying another pair of shoes for a long time. Apart from that, these shoes are very comfortable to wear because they are well padded. You can practice quite hard and long-wearing it because it will let the hard ground go easy on you.

The shoe lasts quite a while as well. Furthermore, it’s quite breathable because it has perforations on the top. So, you do not have to worry about bad odors anymore.

If your bank account does not mind, this shoe is quite a great choice in terms of quality and comfort.


  • Great looks.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • High-quality materials used in the build.
  • Very durable.
  • Quite breathable.


  • Quite expensive.

Adidas Men’s Dame 3 Basketball Shoe

There are some great moments where what you wear defines your mood for the day. The Adidas Men’s Dame 3 is a pair of shoes that actually makes you feel confident and may help you win with your spirit as well. However, all its contributions are not just emotional, it’s very physical as well.

It provides you with an inner bounce with its cushioned insides. This will not only keep you comfortable but also very active. In fact, you have to move in a variety of ways when you play basketball.


You twitch your feet one way for a second and put it in a completely different position the very next. And, these Dame 3 shoes adjust to your movements really well with its contoured build and helps you do these easily. Apart from that, the sole is made of rubber and the shoe has a really great, durable build.

However, you need some time to break into the shoes. At first, it may feel a bit too tight but it loosens up according to your needs. Furthermore, the lacing system lets you adjust it.

You can set the laces in different patterns and keep the patterns that fit you best constant. So, you can get the best use of these shoes adjusting them very easily. Furthermore, it is very breathable as well.

You have quite a number of colors to choose from so you won’t find yourself in a problem looking for something that not only performs well but also fits your style. It is, in fact, a great buy for the price it comes at. You will love how responsive these shoes are.


  • Boosts confidence with the feel it provides.
  • Very comfortable inside and bouncy as well.
  • Offers great support.
  • Very durable.
  • Easy to adjust to your size.
  • Very breathable.
  • Good value for money.
  • Many choices


  • Needs time to break into.
  • Sometimes color is not as expected.

Under Armour Men’s Jet Mid Basketball Shoe

If you do not have the height, you need the speed. Even if you do have the height, you need the speed. In order to have the speed you need to keep yourself as light as you can and mind you, shoes can weight a lot. Luckily, this Under Armour Men’s Jet Mid shoes are very light.


Apparently, it features EVA in its build and EVA is quite famous for making things lightweight with its nature.

However, this also means that you cannot really enjoy the comfort of a well-padded shoe. This is what many customers complain about- lack of ample soft comfort.

The shoes are great. It will make most of the movements with your legs very easy because of its design and flexibility. However, the tongue and toe part of the shoes is something a lot of people do not like.

Apart from that, you may have a hard time finding the right size for yourself because many customers found the sizing very confusing. Therefore, be a bit careful when choosing the size. Other than that, the shoe has ample perforations for being breathable.

The shoes are quite affordable so you can try it out and have a good time if it fits. But, it is not the most durable.


  • Very lightweight.
  • Easy to move in.
  • Quite breathable.
  • Good design.
  • Good value for money.


  • Does not last.
  • Uncomfortable at times.
  • Confusing sizes.

Reebok Men’s Royal Bb4500 Hi2

One of the greatest obstacles to running fast is the fear of slipping. And, that is why people invented shoes with grips underneath so you do not fall. Apparently, Reebok is one of the first brands that added the patterns underneath for this purpose.

Therefore, you can expect nothing but the best from it when it comes to outdoor basketball shoes from Reebok. The thing that will catch your eyes right away is the amazing colors and styles of these shoes. You even get a number of colors to choose from.


Apart from that, the grip it provides will really let you practice a number of new moves. However, it is not the most comfortable or easy-going shoes. Apparently, the sole is quite thin so it is neither durable nor comfortable.

You may consider adding an extra cushion to protect yourself. Apart from that, this shoe is not suitable for people with wider feet. Despite being quite affordable, these are not the best shoes for outdoor basketball unless you have set up your mind to replace them quite often.


  • Provides a good grip.
  • Very affordable.
  • Helps to learn new moves.
  • Can be better with modification.
  • Great looks, colors, and styles.
  • Good ankle support.


  • Does not last long.
  • Not for wider feet.
  • Not very comfortable.

Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoes

At times, ease is not always the answer. You need a difficult path to gain something really meaningful and this difficult path when it comes to shoes is a lace. Instead of straps, Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 shoes feature laces that give you more adjustability and the ability to get the perfect fit.

This pair of shoes does much more than just fit right. In fact, it helps you get better with its lightweight and flexibility. You can make a number of moves with your legs wearing this.


Apparently, it provides ample ankle support and also cushion. However, it may not be very perfectly designed when it comes to proportions as some people complained about having to bend their toes. Other than that, these shoes provide a great grip on the ground.

You may or may not like the style of these shoes but you do have quite a number of colors to choose from. However, Curry 3 is more or less worse than Curry 2. So, no customer may have expected a degrade in quality of Curry 3 shoes but the quality may be slightly off here.

However, it does come at a very affordable price and is very breathable with mesh in the build. The sole is quite durable as well.


  • Quite adjustable.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Very breathable.
  • Provides a good grip.
  • Available in many colors.
  • Lightweight and flexible.


  • Finding the right size may be difficult.
  • Not of the best quality.

Adidas Men’s Pro Spark 2018 Basketball Shoe

Want a pair of basketball shoes that is best in every way it needs to be? Then, Adidas does not fail you with the Men’s Pro Spark 2018 basketball shoes. Apparently, it features everything anyone wants in outdoor basketball shoes.
First of all, it features a rubber sole for better performance on rough ground. Moreover, the upper part is made with textile and synthetic material so that the shoes are more durable. In fact, the textile makes the shoes more breathable and the better stitches on the upper part protect it against damage.


The insides of the shoes are as good as the outer part. Apparently, it is well-cushioned with cloudfoam providing you with the ultimate comfort when playing. Moreover, the shoe is designed to offer your ample ankle and heel support.
The shoes are available in a number of colors and sizes. However, you may have a hard time finding the right size. Even when you do, you may find it hard to get your foot in the first time. But, it loosens up with time.

These shoes are quite affordable for the quality provided.


  • Best in every way.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Quite breathable.
  • Very durable.
  • Ample support.
  • Good value for money.


  • Finding the right size is difficult.
  • Needs some breaking into.

Adidas Men’s Harden Vol 2 Basketball Shoe

Want the best yet at an affordable price? Then, Adidas is back again with its Men’s Harden Vol 2 basketball shoes. Apparently, these shoes also feature a rubber sole which is quite necessary for outdoor basketball.


Furthermore, it has mesh in the build which helps it keep breathable. You can stop worrying about that terrible odor that comes out when you take off shoes because the mesh will not let it build. Apart from that, the shoes are cushioned enough to provide a lot of comforts when playing.

You will enjoy quite a lot of support from the shoe. But, you may find these pair a bit heavyweight as well. It is available in various colors so fitting it to your style will not be a big deal. In fact, you will find elastic support from the shoe as well.


  • One of the best shoes at an affordable price.
  • A durable rubber sole.
  • Very breathable and comfortable.
  • Easy to wear and adjust using the laces.
  • Provides good support.
  • Available in many colors.


  • A bit heavy.
  • Size may not be accurate.

Nike Men’s Zoom Shift Basketball Shoes US

With the motto of “Just do it”, Nike just does the best. These Men’s Zoom Shift basketball shoes are one of the best shoes for outdoor basketball as well. You get everything you need from it.


Firstly, the synthetic sole and upper part are very durable and can take on the rough outdoor court head-on. You can use it for years. Furthermore, although it is super rough outside, you will feel nothing on your feet.

The shoe is well-cushioned and padded to support your foot wherever it needs support. Moreover, the lace helps you adjust it perfectly to your size. The size is where you may face a bit of trouble.

You see, the sizing can be inaccurate and many people found that the shoes were too small for them. Apart from that, putting them on at first is a bit hard because of the tight ankle area.

Overall, these are great shoes from Nike at an affordable price but, only it fit your right.


  • Very comfortable.
  • Great brand reputation.
  • Quite durable and well built.
  • Handle rough ground well.
  • Provides enough support.
  • Quite a variety is available.


  • Sizes may run a bit small.
  • Difficult to put on at first.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes: The Buying Guide

Here is a list of things that can help you find the best pair of shoes for yourself.

The sole is the soul

You may be wondering what a shoe is just a shoe, why differentiate a basketball based on where it can be used? Apparently, outdoor and indoor basketball shoes are completely different when it comes to the sole. Indoor basketball shoes have to deal with a smooth, wooden surface while outdoor ones have to take on the rough, hard reality.

The sole is the part of the shoe that will actually come in contact with the ground. That is why outdoor basketball shoes need to have a sole that is strong enough to last through the rough gaming sessions. In fact, it is best if the sole is made from hard rubber.

Rubber can easily handle the friction that will occur so it will be more long-lasting. Furthermore, the impact will somewhat be reduced as well.

The traction patterns

The traction patterns in the sole are what will provide you with a grip on the surface you are standing on. Furthermore, it will reduce the impact of jumping and running on the hard ground puts on the sole as well. It is best if the patterns are wide rather than narrow.

Apparently, space gives the impact more place to go to. Therefore, check that there is traction pattern which will provide you with grip. Also, a wider one is always better.

The cushioning as it cushions

While you can achieve wonders with your body, you have to take care of it well as well. You can do anything, there is no limit but do it in the right way. Putting as much pressure as you put on your feet when you play basketball outdoor can be very harmful to your knees and ankle and your legs in total.

This is why you have to make sure that the shoes you are buying are cushioned enough and also in the right places. In fact, this will reduce the impact of the hard ground on your feet and body.

The Upper Material that matters too

Basketball can be very unpredictable. You have no idea when you will be moving and how you will be moving. One moment you may be on your tows and the other you may be dragging it.

This is why every part of the shoe that can get in contact with the ground has to be made very durable. The upper sole should be such that the rough frictions do not harm it. It should be able to hold up well and look the part as well.

The breathability is necessary

Ever felt shy to take your shoes off because you know the smell is lethal? This is only because the inside of your shoes does not get ample air. Apart from that, such a suffocated shoe will feel uncomfortable even when you wear it.

Therefore, you need your shoes to be breathable. There should be a layer of mesh on the upper part of your shoes or it may just have perforations. Whatever it is, the shoes should be able to let air in easily and let it go out easily as well.

You won’t feel your feet overheating, sweating r smelling if the shoes are breathable enough and that is both a mental and physical relief.

The weight because you carry it

As you may already know, basketball has a lot of jumping involved. You will be on the ground one moment and in the air the next. And when you jump, it won’t be just your bodyweight weighing you down, it will be your shoes as well.

This is why you need the shoe to be as lightweight as possible. Apparently, you are not playing football so the weight of the shoes will not impact the force you kick the ball with. Therefore, the lightweight will help your body move even more flexible and reach longer distances.

However, make sure that the lightweight does not come at the cost of quality build. The materials making the shoes should be durable and tough.

The support you need from it

In fact, you need as much support you can get from the shoes. Your feet will be going through a lot so you need to go easy on it whenever you can. Outdoor basketball shoes can help you do that providing support in the right areas.
Not just cushion, the ankle area may be a bit elevated than other parts of the shoes so that it gets less impact. The design of the shoes differs from brand to brand so you just have to find the design that supports your feet and style the best.

The size must be perfect

You must wear the perfect size of shoes for yourself. In fact, you may find brands that offer every feature you need but the sizes just do not fit perfectly on you. That would be a great problem because if the shoes are too tight or too loose, your game will be affected very negatively.

Therefore, make sure the shoes you are buying are the perfect size for your feet. Some shoes loosen up a bit after a few uses so consider that as well. You may have to buy a bit tighter size as it loosens up in the future.

The style, color, and preference

When it comes to sports shoes, you want to speak of your personality. This is why you have to be choosy and not leave any stones unturned when you look for that one perfect shoe. It may be the color, the style, the ribbons, etc. Whatever it is, make sure it is something you want.
Outdoor basketball shoes are not going to be cheap. Since you are going to spend anyway, you might as well spend on what you actually want.

The Price

Because of the focus on harder sole and durability, outdoor basketball shoes may cost higher. However, no matter what the sole is made of, constant use outdoor will eventually weaken and destroy it. Therefore, it is more reasonable to buy cheaper or moderately priced shoes that you can replace easily.

However, there are high-quality ones that you can consider for a higher price as well.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes: Benefits of Buying

You can carry on indoor practice with any sports shoe you have but you require separate shoes for outdoor practice. This is because of the following benefits that outdoor basketball shoes offer:

  • Durability: The sole will give away and ear out due to the rough interactions it has with the ground. An outdoor sho is made keeping this in mind and thus it is made more durable.
  • More Grip: If you slip and fall indoors, you do not get that hurt but imagine slipping on a rough outdoor court multiple times. You will be skinned. Outdoor basketball shoes have tractions in them that save you from slipping.
  • More protection: The soles of outdoor basketball shoes are harder, as a result, you do not completely feel the impact of the hard ground on you.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes: Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right size of outdoor basketball shoes?

Answer: It is quite easy to choose the right size. First, you have to know your own size in the unit the shoe you are looking at is mentioned. Then, see if the size is mentioned to be of men’s or women’s.

That is about everything you have to do. When you receive the shoes first you may find them a bit tighter than expected. Do not worry about it and just practice in them for a while. The shoes will loosen up.

Whether it is golf, swimming or any other sport, you need the perfect attire to play it at your best. You will only know how much the perfect shoe or attire contributes when you start playing in it. The hardest swings or shots will feel easier and more tricky steps will feel as easy as a breeze.

When you are playing basketball outdoors, it is not only the game you have to play well but you have to keep your body protected as well. You cannot put too much unnecessary pressure on your body. This is why you need to find the best outdoor basketball shoes and you can find them only knowing everything you can about them.

Now, that you know most of what you need to know, shop away.

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