Basketball Court Installation : A Full Guide For Beginners

You may not have the time to go to a basketball court in your area. But, if you love basketball, you can bring the court to your home. In fact, the houses you see with their own basketball court in the driveway or just around attract you, don’t they?

In fact, you can build a basketball court of your own just to keep the game close to you or your children close to you when they play. However, as you can imagine, the basketball court installation is not an easy task. You may even need professional help for it.

There are things you have to consider both before and during the installation. So, let us begin deciphering the best way to install a basketball court.

Basketball Court Installation: The Location

The very first thing you have to consider is where you are going to install the court. Is there ample space around your house to hold a basketball court? If so, which type of court would fit in perfectly? Here are some things you should consider before actually installing the court.


The size: Your driveway might not be able to accommodate a full-size basketball court. In fact, your lawn may not be able to do it either. So, the first thing you have to do is select what size of the court you want.

A full-size court would be 94 feet 50 feet. Again you can go for a high school size one which is 84 50 feet. If you o not have the space for any of the two, you can make a half-court of 42 50 feet.

You will get the same pleasure from any of these but a bigger court would be ideal for people taking the game very seriously.

The Surrounding: Before selecting the place of the court, you have to check what surrounds it as well. For example, a drain around a court is a bad idea. You do not want to handle a messy ball. Moreover, a flower garden could greatly be hampered.

So, considering what surrounds the court is important as well. However, if you have no other option, you can consider building a fence around to protect the things outside form the ball.

The Underground Conditions: You will have to dig quite a bit to install a basketball court. However, in this process, if you do not take precautions you might end up puncturing a pipe or utility line. This is why it is clever to always contact the authority which allows such endeavors to be sure that your digging up a court won’t cause any harm.

Basketball Court Installation: The Steps

Choose the type

After examining the place, you have to decide what kind of court you want to install in it. Many people do not want to go through the troublesome digging activities so they just paint a court on the driveway. And, that is not a bad choice either because all you need are a few ready-made things.

Another option is building a concrete court. These courts require quite some effort and time to be built but they are durable. Apparently, they usually have three layers in them. First, the soil then some stone or wood and finally cement.

The last option is a multipurpose court. These have all the layers like the concrete court but with an artificially attached court on the top with an adhesive. You can use this court to not only play basketball but many other sports.

Therefore, first, decide the type of court you want.

Measure and mark

Now, it is time for you to accurately mark the court as you will need it to be perfect when you lay down the base. Use a measuring tape and mark the location according to the court size you are building- full, half of other.

Level the ground

You want the ground to be completely plane before laying in the concrete. Or else, there will be ups and downs that may hamper your performance.

Pouring in the concrete

Before actually pouring in the concrete you will have to mix it first. It is best to either get professional help for this or rent a mixer and other equipment for it. You have to carry this out very carefully.

Then you have to let the concrete dry for a few days before applying the upper rubber court if you want to.

Time for the hoop

It is time for some more and deeper digging. You need to install the basketball hoop now. Apparently, it is something you will have to buy.


Since you are building an outdoor basketball court, the in-ground basketball hoop is the best choice. You can install it yourself following the manual. However, make sure you position it right with all the angles in perfect condition.

If it is a full-court you will need two hoops and if it is half then none will do.

Drawing the court

If you are not using an already drawn basketball court layer then you will have to draw the lines yourself. Apparently, you will find many standard measurements for each of the parts of the basketball court to be drawn and you should look them up before marking.

For example, you have to draw lines for free throws, three points, etc. As long as you use a good quality paint, you are good to go.

Add the additionals

You are done with the base of the court now you can focus on styling it up. For example, you can make a fence around it if you want or install lights so you can play after dark. This is completely up to you.

If you are going to have an audience then it would be wise to keep benches as well.

In conclusion

Installing a basketball court is not as easy as you think. People do not just draw the court on a driveway. As you can see there is a lot more work involved in it.

Not only should you know fully well the process of basketball court installation but you also have to buy the right things. Only then will you end up with a basketball court that you crave to take a glimpse of whenever you wake up.

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