Adidas Dame 3 Review: Things You Should Know

Before entering the Adidas Dame 3 Review section, maybe we all know about the popularity knows no bounds when it comes to basketball. The globally famous game has been ruling the sports chart since the early 20th century. Over time it has garnered more attention and popularity due to endless fun and suspense of the game. Though it hailed from the United States, now the sports have gracefully spread out all over the world. It is not only confined to professional sports genre, but people have also been taking up this as a hoband a form of exercise as well due to the immense health benefits the game offers. So you know the ample advantages of basketball and you might as well be a basketball lover.

However, the game is kind of incomplete if the uniform of the player doesn’t complement it well. Your attire’s top to bottom everything needs to be suitable for the game including your shoes. A good pair of basketball shoes are inevitable. You cannot just get yourself deployed on the court wearing ordinary sneakers that wouldn’t help you stick on the court for hours. A perfect pair of basketball sneakers should look classy and help you play with ease and perfection. Well, D Lillard 3 from Adidas has it all. This unique sneaker with bouncy cushion and blade traction would give you the ultimate support you need on the court without you having to compromise your comfort level. This sleek sneaker made its debut in March 2017 and already made its way to the hearts of millions of basketball enthusiasts due to its lucrative features and cool look.


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Adidas Dame 3 Review: The Features

D Lillard 3 belongs to the Adidas family which was founded way back in 1949 in the East of Germany and has come a long way; and also is considered the world’s second-largest sportswear manufacturers after Nike. They came up with Adidas Dame 3 basketball sneakers in 2017 to meet the need of basketball lovers. The shoe is endorsed American professional basketball player Damian Lillard and third signature basketball shoe from Adidas.

Though it was initially launched on December 23rd, 2016, the official release was in 2017. Adidas designed these sneakers which would carry out Damian Lillard’s legacy for years. They made sure to add all the features to the shoe that would get you to take over the court with grace and poise just like Lillard. Adidas Dame 3 is super comfortable and can be worn all day due to the very durable mesh upper. The mesh and fuse amalgamation combines a super soft material for the shoe.

The very unique upper has multiple lacing holes that help you customize the fit just as you like and also help with the ventilation process. It also adds an exquisite appeal to the shoe. The overlay is heat welded together with the mesh itself as it is covered in TPU. This helps distribute your weight all over the body. The shoe also features bouncy and comfortable cushioning which performs incredibly on any court. It doesn’t need any break-in at all provides proper balance to your feet. Another cool feature is the blade traction which replaces the quintessential design featured on Lillard 2. This traction pattern is super smooth on the court and makes your performance 10 times better.

It’s much similar to the Herringbone pattern and offers multifaceted coverage for your feet. No matter how dusty or rough the court is, this traction pattern has got your back. Although it requires wiping off dust frequently, still is better than Lillard 2 traction design. The feature of a napkin gives a great fit to your feet and provides solid lockdown.


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However wide footers might find the shoe slightly longer around the toe and a bit narrow as well. But with the addition of napkin, it shouldn’t be a problem. This shoe comes with TPU midfoot shank, internal heel counter, great lockdown, and a comfortable stable platform to offer you the ultimate support you need on the court. Although the shoe feels a bit stiff around the ankle and doesn’t provide ample support. Overall the sneakers are great from all aspects- Start from the traction to the plush and bouncy cushion and the materials that create perfect combination or durability and balance. Another splendid thing about these sneakers is it is Adidas’s lowest-priced signature sneaker albeit it gives you all the benefit of the perfect basketball shoes. It looks super elegant and comes in various colorways.

Target Group

Adidas Dame 3 is a craze among the youngsters given it Is Damien Lillard’s signature brand. Basketball enthusiasts became a diehard fan of it as soon as it hit the market. It is most popular among high school basketball teams and also professional club players due to the impeccable features it has got. The shoe is also hit among people who prefer stylish sneakers because of its good looks.

The Main Benefit

You cannot just buy a product you bump into without having analyzed its benefits. A good pair of basketball sneakers are not only stylish looking but ensure plenty of advantages on the court to help you play with confidence and comfort. They are durable and solid. Talking about Adidas Dame 3, being the latest member of Adidas it has made sure to offer you all the benefits you expect from your basketball sneakers.

  • The mesh and fuse combination of materials provides energized comfort and soft feel on your feet.
  • The breathability is incredible with the superb combination of mesh, neoprene, and rubber.
  • The mesh upper is super comfortable and makes you feel breezy on the court. It’s also quite easy to break in.
  • The blade traction pattern deserves all the appreciation for performing like a beast on the court. It gives you a smooth move and helps you survive on the court like your favorite Damian Lillard. Not to mention it makes you run faster.
  • The bouncy cushioning adds to the comfort. It also helps improve your performance and gives the show a firm look.
  • The lacing hole pattern gives you a customized lockdown along with ample ventilation. Thus it keeps your feet cool in the summer.
  • The TPU provides lots of extra support for your feet. It also allows you to uphold your balance.
  • The addition of a napkin helps your feet stay put.
  • The shoe is extremely durable and good for both indoor and outdoor due to the solid material.
  • The outer sole helps you stick like a magnet on the court.
  • The outrigger provides enough stability while midsole adds to the support.
  • The shoe is exclusively classy and available in different colors to choose from.

The Pros and Cons

You should never forget to glance over the list of pros and cons of a product before you decide to bag them. This sure helps you know more about the product, its benefits and drawbacks as well. And when you are thinking of getting yourself a good pair of basketball shoes, you must check the pros and cons since the performance and confidence both are correlated to it. Adidas Dame 3 is Damian Lillard’s third signature basketball shoe with Adidas that comes with tantalizing features. Nevertheless, you should see the pros and cons the shoe has under its belt.


  • Very comfortable and breathable.
  • Durable and withstand rough games.
  • Lightweight.
  • Proper ventilation guaranteed.
  • Soft feel.
  • Traction works super well on the court.
  • Ample amount of support and stability.
  • Bouncy cushion pattern performs well.
  • Customized fit.
  • It helps you sprint. Smooth move on the court.
  • Great value for the price.
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor.
  • It can be worn all day. Great for daily use.
  • Stylish and colorful.
  • It doesn’t need much time to break-in.
  • Ignites your confidence and improves your performance.


  • Runs long and narrow.
  • Looks bulky.
  • Feels tight around the ankles and doesn’t provide enough support.
  • Heel slippage. It doesn’t have enough impact protection.
  • The rubber might split after a few uses.
  • Needs frequent wiping off.



Users’ Opinions

Just like the pros and cons, users’ opinions about any product are also vital before you make a purchase. Nowadays you can just go to youtube or shopping websites and find plenty of reviews from the customers which would help you get a thorough idea about the product and to which extent it is going to help you. There are tons of reviews on Adidas Dame 3 on different websites. We have put them into 2 categories to help you get a clear picture: Positive reviews and negative reviews.

Positive Reviews

  • A lot of users loved the combination of mesh and fuse on Adidas Dame 3. They said it makes the shoe super comfortable and wearable all day.
  • Many users appreciated the bouncy cushioning pattern of the shoe.
  • A number of reviewers confirmed that the blade traction is perfect on the court.
  • Many people loved the innovative lacing system and how it gives them perfect lockdown. They also loved the customized fit.
  • According to many customers, the shoe is pretty durable.
  • Lots of users think the shoe provides enough support. They said it gives a nice grip on the court.
  • Testers admired how soft the upper feels. They said it felt like they weren’t wearing any shoes at all.
  • A couple of customers confirmed that Adidas Dame 3 does not need much time to break-in.
  • According to many basketball lovers, the shoe is highly affordable.
  • A lot of reviewers appreciated the addition of a napkin.
  • Some customers confirmed that the shoe is lightweight and can be used for casual wear as well.
  • A lot of people stated that the sneakers are quite breathable and perfect for summer.
  • Many appreciated how great the shoe looks and how various the color option is.

Negative Reviews

  • A lot of consumers complained that Adidas D Lillard 3 runs a bit narrow which feels uncomfortable around the toe.
  • Many reviewers confirmed that the shoe has a heel slippage issue.
  • According to many, the shoe has poor ankle support and feels stuffed around the ankles.
  • Some people mentioned that they did not like the look of the shoe. They said it looks flimsy and clunky.
  • A few reviewers did not like how quickly this shoe collects dust.
  • Many testers found the rubber too soft and fragile.
  • Users didn’t like the fact that Adidas Dame 3 doesn’t have much padding in the tongue.
  • A very few customers mentioned the material isn’t durable enough. They said the shoe feels like plastic and needs time to break-in.

Adidas Dame 3 Review: Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Adidas Dame 3 is sure living up to the expectation of Damian Lillard as it is carrying out his legacy. The shoe is a great deal compared to the price. It is better than D Lillard 2 from many aspects and adjusts perfectly to different players and different foot shapes. There might be some unavoidable issues that happen to be in the case of every sneaker. Apart from that Adidas Dame 3 is a perfect basketball sneaker and is going to definitely change your game on the court. And the look is the bonus here!

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